New Marketing Streams

We’ve partnered with VMG for the Capital & Centric Funding My Pay Stat brand campaign. We’re looking forward to showcasing our My Pay Stat products starting off with Billboards, Radio, and TV in Sydney and expanding across the country.

With a background in tech, we know our digital marketing game is strong with our partners at Dice Digital. Utilizing Social Media, Google platforms, Microsoft, and traditional forms of marketing, we know that Capital & Centric Funding will be a name that all Aussies will know.

MPS Instagram

What makes Capital & Centric Funding so different from other lenders? Well, for starters, we are responsible lenders by heart and actually care about the financial position that our clients are in. This means that we don’t approve loans that would put someone in financial hardship.

We are also releasing a budgeting app and rewards program that will guide our clients into better budgeting habits, and reward them for doing so. That’s how much we care!