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What is the investment structure?

The Fund is a pooled, open-ended, unregistered unit trust for wholesale and sophisticated Investors.

How do I invest with Capital & Centric Funding?

Sophisticated Investors, companies, and trusts can invest in Capital & Centric Funding. We also permit joint accounts.

To invest as a sophisticated investor (or as part of a joint account) you must have an Australian bank account and be at least 18 years of age and qualify as a sophisticated investor. We will also need to be able to confirm your identity.

Investors may apply for Units in the Fund by completing the online Application Form.

What is the investment objective?

The objective of the Fund is to provide wholesale and sophisticated Investors with professionally managed exposure to a diversified portfolio of large claims litigation.

How transparent are you on the management of the Fund and its loans?

The Trustee and the Investment and Facility Manager considers transparency to be of key importance.

When the Fund was created, the goal and promise is to be a transparent, trustworthy, and forward-thinking values- based investment business with a strong culture that is always challenging the status quo, leveraging its best asset, its people, and producing above industry average risk adjusted returns.

Through the technological experience of the Trustee’s team and the Investment and Facility Manager, there has been an unwavering focus on transparency, oversight, collaboration, and governance.

The Trustee has established a fintech company that is big specialized enough to produce quality investment returns.

What is ShareChain?

The Fund is developing software to improve transparency and compliance in financial information to investors throughout the investment process. The application uses advanced algorithms and data analysis to automate functions and provide real-time access to financial data, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of investment management, and ultimately benefiting investors in making informed decisions.

What is the investment strategy?

The Fund, funds partly or wholly the costs of litigation in return for a portion of the proceeds if the action is successful.

The funding arrangement is built on an agreements between the Fund and law practices, where a law practice will submit the particulars of a specific litigation to the Investment and Facility Manager for consideration.

Which areas of law does the Fund invest in?

The Fund, funds claims in the following areas of law:

  • Personal Injury Law;
  • Corporate Law;
  • Property Law; and
  • Family Law.

What are the risks?

There are risks associated with an investment in the Fund.

All investments involve risk and there are many factors that can impact on the performance of an investment. Many risk factors fall outside the Trustee’s and Investment and Facility Manager’s control and cannot be completely mitigated.

You should expect that the values of assets in which the Fund invests, and the level of income derived by the Fund, might fluctuate. Consequently, the value of your investment and the amount of any income entitlement distributed may rise or fall and you may suffer losses.

How are the claims assessed?

Upon receipt of an application for litigation funding, the firm conducts an initial assessment of the claims. The particulars of claim is submitted to the Investment and Facility Manager’s compliance team, for further evaluation. 

Upon completion of the internal assessment, the claim is referred to an external barrister with specialized expertise in the relevant area of law for further review. The barrister’s report includes a conclusion on the likelihood of success, with a threshold of 90% or higher required prior to the Fund granting approval to provide funding for that claim.