Seed Funding

Investor applications are now open for Seed Funding Round for Capital & Centric Funding.

Capital & Centric Funding is an Australian Responsible Credit Provider. We specialise in small to medium loans ranging from $300 to $5,000 and FIRB Mortgages.

With a combined legal, financial, and tech background, the founders of Capital & Centric Funding envision a solution to streamline and automate the lending process. We aim to be pioneers in the financial services sector and strive for excellence and ease.

Our mission is to give you access to a financial solution that is transparent and reliable. Making an application is easier than you think with your Australian Responsible Credit Provider.

Small and medium loans and FIRB loans are our areas of expertise. Investing in Capital & Centric Funding is good for the Australian economy and your pocket. Borrowers use our financial products for many reasons including going on a holiday, home upgrades, vehicle repairs and upgrades, medical treatment, and home relocation just to mention a few. We’ve built a smart solution that analyses the behavioural spend and other factors of our borrower’s profile that contribute to the suitability of our loan products. 

We’re transparent with your investment and report on investment on a quarterly basis. It’s quite simple how we grow your investment. The invested funds are lent out as small loans to thousands of retail consumers which diversifies your risk away. Our targeted rate of return is 24%* and that’s after we take our fees and charges. 

With a team of tech experts, legal experts, and financial experts, Capital & Centric Funding have custom-built a solution like no other. With the capabilities to assess a range of factors to responsibly deduce the serviceability of an application, behavioural spend analysis, probability to default, and much more. 

We have a series of financial products that are being launched in Q4 2021 and Q2 2022. We have expertise in the following products: Small Amount Credit Contracts, Medium Amount Credit Contracts, and Mortgages.

Invest wisely, Invest in Capital & Centric Funding. Investors should consider the PDS in deciding whether to invest. Investors must complete the application form accompanying the PDS.